ALNPET+|Multi-Sterilizing Motion Sensor Pet Water Fountain - Powered by PettoFund

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This hygienic fountain streams sieved water through multi-sterilization and five-layer filtration system to keep your pets hydrated and healthy.


After conducting a market research and receive feedback from 3000 pet owners, we discover that......


No. 1 worry of a dog-owning family: There's hair all over the water container.

No. 1 worry of a cat-owning family: Bacteria will grow in the water as time goes by and produce a rotten eggs or sewage-like smell, therefore cats don't like drinking water.

Do your pets also have these problems?

Due to your concerns, we PettoFund specially designed ALNPET pet water fountain for all pet owners and furkids!


6 Key Features:

1. 360 Degree Water Flow without Dead Ends

Remove hair, dust and residue and let pets to drink pure water at any time.


2. The World's First UV-C Sterilization and Nano Silver Antibacterial Technique

ALNPET has passed the SGS test and hit a record high of 99.9% E. coli antibacterial rate.

3. The World's First Instant Detect Powered On and Sterilization Mode

The infrared sensor will detect the incoming pets within 1.5m and automatically start dispensing water. 


4. Suitable for All Kinds of Pets 

The drinking plate is designed to have different depths, from deep to shallow.

5. Five-Layer Filtration System

This keeps the water hygienic. Moreover, through instant detect technique and multiple filter elements, we extend the filter life so you just need to change the elements once every 3 months.

6. Easy to Clean

ALNPET is an integrated water fountain, there's no holes, gaps, or dead ends, just brush it slightly.

Why Should You Choose ALNPET?