At PettoFund, we're looking for people who truly cares about pets

As a startup in Taiwan, PettoFund has worked hard on finding products that ensure a win-win approach between the pets and owners, and helping furkids while collaborating with NGOs.

We’re seeking for strong business partners who truly cares about pets. We have experienced successful crowdfunding and we’re dedicated to making each relationship a success.

Why Pettofund

PettoFund began our business through crowdfunding in 2017. We started small but we have a big dream, that is to create a brand that could truly enhance the lives of pets. Our success till now is due to our independent network of business partners—those who share the same value of us all around the world.

Would you like to become one of our distributers?

Currently, PettoFund is searching for business partners to promote and drive growth for our ALNPET - the world's first multi-sterilizing motion sensor pet water fountain.

Join us and let us achieve mutual benefit together!