PettoFund consists of a group of pet lovers that wish to enhance furkid's lives by launching suitable products through crowdfunding and cooperating with NGO organizations to host public welfare activities and raise funds.


Our Story

In the past 20 years, most of the pet products have been designed from the perspective of human thinking. Although it makes the owner more convenient, but are they really good and healthy for pets?

Therefore, in order to improve the pet's live, we try to develop, design, and promote products from both perspective of furkids and owners, and assemble the power of the masses to improve the pet ecological industry chain.

Our Mission

We wish to change the pet ecology through our influence, and improve the living condition for pet and pet owners through the masses strength.

Within three years, we hope to successfully match 500 strays and rescued animals to a new family and start off again.

Within three years, we hope that at least 50% of the pet industry companies will incorporate NGO cooperation into their business policies, and begin to assist in fundraising, business development and optimize stray animals and pet care related regulations with the animal welfare NGOs at least once a year.

Three years later, we hope to better 200,000 furkids' lives in Taiwan and let a million pet families worldwide to use PettoFund's products to enhance a better quality of life!

Our Business

Recently, we are promoting an exclusive featured product ---ALNPET pet water fountain. The purpose of this product is to let pets drink clean water and maintain a healthy condition. We designed a social media campaign and advised pet owners to use our product and gain feedback from them. After lots of attempts and refinement, the world's first multi-sterilizing motion sensor pet water fountain was launched. It has also raised over 350 thousand USD in Taiwan.

Moreover, there are two major brands under PettoFund. They are Korea’s best pet grooming care brand "Petaum" and "TailTalk" , which has won the Best Award Design in Japan and German Red Dot Design Award.


We cooperate with NGOs to organize public welfare projects, design co-branded products, and raise funds through projects.

These will accelerate more furkids (strays, rescued animals and retired service dogs etc.) to find their new families and generate income for NGOs for the sake of establishing sustainable development of the pet ecological chain.

'til come back home project

SPCA prevent animals from being abused, but there is no adequate space for the animals they rescued. Therefore, by actively cooperating in the 'til come back home project with PettoFund, they aim to build a bridge between the pets and foster care, to let them stay in a safe shelter before being adopted.

Through assisting sales of exclusive products, we raised more than 1785 USD (approx. 3 months of food and medical subsidies for rescued animals) and successfully helped a dog to stay in a pet hotel for temporary accommodation.

Click for further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV-zUCOQGZ4&ab_channel=PettoFund-Taiwan